Finally I Will Tell You My Dove Story

Some of you may or may not remember me complaining (and FREAKING OUT) about Dove. Well, I’m here to finally tell my story.

(dramatic pause)

Imagine this: You find this magnificent product that does wonders for your life. You walk taller, you are happier, and you just feel amazing. You use this product day in and day out…year after year. Then one day, you go to the store to replenish your dwindling quantity and the shelves are empty. No big deal, just check at another place – I mean stores are known to run out of things, right? But after going to 3, 4, 5, even 6 stores (some not even in the same state!) and seeing empty shelf after empty shelf, you realize quickly that something is terribly wrong.

Come to find out that the ENTIRE line of products is being discontinued.


Completely devastated.
Completely confused.

That was me a few weeks ago about my about my beloved and absolutely necessary face wash:

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser.

Dove went and decided it was going to discontinue their entire face wash line – without telling me – their #1 customer. It’s one thing if it’s just one product, or a cologne/perfume, but AN ENTIRE LINE? I know I’ve been a devoted/loyal fan and purchaser of Dove for over 10 years, telling people about it, convincing people to use it and love it, and they just go and just get rid of it. RIDICULOUS!

I remember when I told my Mamma about this. I will confess – she absolutely laughed in my face and said “find another face wash.” –>Obviously my lovely Mother doesn’t realize the extent of the issue. IT’S MY FACE!! I know, I know…you’re thinking I’m absolutely nuts, aren’t you?

So, what did I do?

I went on to Amazon – found it, and ordered 15 bottles. Yes, that is correct – 15. And if you’re any Seinfeld fan, you have Elaine and “are you sponge worthy?” stuck in your head at this point. If you’re not, shame on you for not watching Seinfeld :)

Sooooooo, awesome. I’m a fan of Dove again. Stock up for a bit, and deal with it later. What comes in the mail a few weeks later? MY BOX OF DOVE FACE WASH!! WOO HOO! I rip it open…hello, I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks for this. Then I see it’s not even the product I ordered. It’s a Dove product, yes, but not the one I ordered. It’s the FOAMING not the the DAILY. (Yes, it matters, dangit.)

Did they not think I would notice?
Did I receive notification from Amazon that the order was being changed? No.


I go back on Amazon’s site just to make sure I’m not mistaken here and as I had thought, I didn’t order the product they sent me.

After having a fit (yes, I did), yelling at Amazon through my computer, yelling at Dove through my computer, crying (kidding), and sleeping on it for a few days, I decided to keep this “Foaming” facewash in hopes that it will do the same amazing thing as the “Daily.” I still can’t believe Dove. It irks me to this day, and quite frankly, every time I use it. But c’est la vie, my friends. (At least that’s what I’ll say until my 15 bottles runs out.)

Moral of the story:

Stock up.

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32 Responses to : Finally I Will Tell You My Dove Story

  1. Ashley says:

    oh this made me laugh…i miss ur face and can’t wait to see u!

  2. Alexis says:

    okay soooo… i LOVE amazon, so i just have to ask… did your order come directly from Amazon, or from another seller? cuz if it was another seller, you can’t totally blame amazon since they’re just the portal… :-\

    but i totally understand and appreciate your grief! i know how it is!

    when i was in high school, i used Bath & Body Works cucumber melon deodorant, then they discontinued it, and i was slightly upset. my boyfriend at the time proceeded to buy me FIVE sticks of the deodorant that he found at one of their stores out of town. this would have been a really sweet gesture, if it was just out of the blue. but no. he gave me the gift of 5 sticks of deodorant for VALENTINE’S DAY!!! WHAT?!?!?! needless to say, he’s no longer my boyfriend (that was just the beginning of his problems, believe me.)

    i hope you find solace in your face wash quest.

    • The Unconventional Geek efarmer says:

      Honestly? I have no idea! I’m that kind of shopper where I just press quantity, give them my credit card number, and I go on with my day.

      And really? A Valentine’s Day gift?? Wow. Glad you have someone better than that now lol :)

  3. Sarah M. says:

    *snort!* I SO understand what you mean about a fav. product…don’t laugh BUT – I still have a few of the “Chubby Stick” lip pencil I used on my wedding day (we won’t talk how many YEARS ago that was! LOL!) – why…’Cause they stopped making it like a YEAR after we got married! SO, YES, I too – stocked that shit up! ;)

    btw…do you want me to go & find your facewash here in TX? I so would do that for you! xoxo ;)

  4. Carrie says:

    If you still have the bottles, I would be happy to buy them from you. I also absolutely loved the Dove face washes, and this product that you (accidentally) received is my favorite. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere (even online) since it’s been discontinued. And the fact that I live in Switzerland doesn’t help. :P But I would be willing to pay for whatever bottles you might still have + the shipping costs. That’s just how much I love it. :) So please let me know. Thanks!

  5. Tammy says:

    Frustrated and downright bummed. I just went to Dove’s website and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t see a face care line. Hmmm. What’s up with that?! Then, googled “what happened to Dove’s face care line” and find your story. At least now I know why I can’t find our favorite product on the shelves any more. I’m planning to write Dove a little message expressing my disappointment. Not sure if will do any good, but at least I’ll get to vent my frustration. I used their face cleanser & daily moisturizer. Doubly screwed!

  6. I’m still not over the devastation of losing my favorite facial lotion! I’ve been using the regular Dove bar to wash my face for over 15 years. Everything else breaks my face out. I started using the Dove facial lotion about about 5 years ago. NOTHING works better than this lotion! When I heard it was discontinued my heart was broken and I’m STILL not over it! AND now my face is a mess!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Your wrong order would be my dream order. I love the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Facial Cleanser and I cannot believe they discontinued it without consulting me. Nothing else works for me – I break out from everything!

  8. Barbara says:

    I feel for you…so now I know what happened to my favorite Dove Sensitive Skin facial lotion. When I couldn’t find it any more at Wal-Mart sometime last year, I bought the last 4-5 bottles that Sears Essentials had. Now I finally ran out, and there’s no more left anywhere! I can’t believe Dove discontinued the line–it was so great. Now I’ve been forced to try new lotions, and none of them measure up so far.

  9. Rosie says:

    I soooo know what you mean. I was actually “crying” to a friend today about how I NEED my Dove face wash and I can’t find it anywhere. Decided to come online to see what the heck is going on and I find your conversation about Dove not selling it anymore. This makes me sad and upset LOL Does Dove know how long it took me to find the right face wash and once I did there was nothing else I wanted but Dove. Now I have to start this process all over again of trying to find a new face wash. If anyone has any suggestions about anything close to Dove please let me know, as for right now I’m going to have to stand in front of the face wash aisle and look confused about what face wash to grab and what is worthy of my money LOL Oh such tragedy LOL

  10. Amber says:

    This was so funny! :) It’s pretty much the same exact thing that happened to me. I swear by Dove face wash, it’s the only thing I can use on my face.

    I drove around to so many stores trying to find out and kept getting met by empty shelf after empty shelf.

    I finally found it on Amazon myself, and have been stocking up but I am dreading the future when it may be found no where.

    I say we get a petition together for Dove that we will not buy any products from them if they do not bring back the face wash!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I understand you and people might think this is funny but it’s not. I’m 18 and I’ve had skin problems since I was little. My skin is purple in my upper arms bellow my shoulder it used to be purple and I know it sounds weird but imagine how I felt at school kids asked me why they were purple and there was no answer. I get tan soo quickly 10 minutes in the sun I will have the biggest tan ever. In 7th grade my skin got worse after showers my whole buddy was ashy and it burned. Puttin clothes on after showers were painful so
    ethi g touhing my skin just hurt I’d cry after showers. I couldn’t move because moving my skin just hurt. I whent to soo many doctors trying go find why I got rashes everywhere and why my skin burned and itched soo much I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t do anyhing my Skin was Killing me. No doctors really knew what was wrong with me many diagnosed me of skin problems but at the end it wasn’t what i had. One doctor told me I had scabes which is where you have some kind of animal things in your skin and he rashes were the eggs they layed. I hated myself I was grossed out and in pain. Idid the treatment and a the end it turned out I didn’t have that. No doctor knew what I had. Skin test turned out good nothing explained my skin. I gave up and it’s devastating knowing you will have to go throuhthat pain all your life with not helpful treatment. I tried out doves cucumber so fresh lotion. After showers I’d pu that lotion and my skin didn’t burn as much or itch after a year I stopped geting rashes and after putting the lotion on after showers my skin wouldn’t burn or itch. I wasn’t ashy anymore after showers. Now I come to find that this lotion is discontinued by skin is getting bad again. Ashy, itchy, and rashes. My skin isn’t burning yet but I’m afraid of my skin burning again the bight of that pain makes me cry.

  12. Adrianna says:

    I am down to my last bottle of dove night regeneration cream….last of 6 I might add….that I wanted to buy more of and should have. Down to my last bottle of the Cucumber face wash that has now gone up to astronomical prices on Amazon. I have switched over to a CVS brand cream that is similar to Aveeno. I honestly cannot find anything by Dove when I go into stores…unless its their new men’s product line of creams….who cares….grrr! I think Dove has been around forever…..I question why they would take away from their frequent buyers….women!!! I feel your pain! I am 34 and wish Dove didn’t just pick up and not leave a note!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am still mourning the loss of my Dove facial pads, I still to this day can not find a product like Dove, I was happy to read I am not the only one who’s world was crushed the day the shelves were empty!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me why is dove facial products discontinued???

  15. Anonymous says:

    WHAT THE HELLL ITS THE END MY LIFE PEOPLE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER FOR MONEY IN THIS NEVER ENDING RECESSION AND they discontinu a whole line of facial product??? I do not undrestand! i just called Dove contact center and they say they didnt sell enough but from what im seeing a lot of girls use dove facial products. Why completly wipe a product? Why not just produce less! We need to do something about this!

  16. Annceline says:

    At least I’m not alone in my desperation to get my favorite Dove product — the facial cleansing cloths. I seriously don’t know what I’ll do when they can’t be found on the “black market” any more. On eBay I just paid $19.99/box for 5 boxes, which was all the seller had available. The usual retail price was around $7. That’s crazy, but I swear by these things for effortless makeup removal and cleaning my face and ears in the shower. I don’t know what happened here. Dove emailed me back saying that it was due to changes in their business environment. Huh? I wish they’d get rid of their hair care line and bring back our favorites. I tried the shampoo — once. And gave it away.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I too am saddened by the loss of these products. How do we tell the people at Dove how we feel? I think that Facebook may be the way to go. Inundate their page with comments asking why, WHY? they discontinued this line!

  18. Laura says:

    I have but just a few squirts left of my Dove Deep Moisture facial lotion. I too looked all over the place before realizing they just up and got rid of it all. It was confirmed when I saw it wasn’t on their website. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? So now I have blemishes on my face and I’m trying to find the next best thing. Anything for sensitive skin. Which Dove Sensitive Unscented body wash is NOT unscented. Dove you are disappointing me left and right now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe Dove… This is the only lotion that doesn’t break me out & make me nauseous from the lingering scent…I love Dove…Please bring back the Facial product line…

  20. Jazz says:

    For 10 years I used the facial moisturizer and the samething happened to me. I always knew I could count on this product. One day I went to the store and they were out. So I went to my local drug store and found out that they were discontinued after Dove was purchased by Unilever.
    I emailed them on FB and they said they would try and help me out. NO SUCCESS.
    I cannot believe I have to go on amazon and spend $50 dollars for something I once paid $6 for.
    I have tried creams ranging from $10-$250 all which were garbage and broke me out. For an entire year my skin was broken out. Since I was able to buy one last bottle on amazon my skin has went back to normal. If i had the $$ I would purchase the ingredients myself or even go to dove and ask to buy the product as my own.
    I am scared what will happen after this last bottle.

  21. Cat says:

    I totally just discovered this form myself. I just moved back home from being out of the country. I left a full bottle of both the moisturizer and facial cleanser behind, wanting to cut down on luggage, thinking “Oh, I’ll just buy more when I get home”


  22. Patti Giles says:


    I just came across your blog when googling why or if Dove discontinued there firming body wash. facinating that people relaly do create blogs. I totally understand your facial wash issue and definatley not crazy by any means. I am someon who has tried everything and literally almost all skin care lines I can find no matter the cost. I have discovered that if you like one product in one line, another line has a smiliar product somehow with similar results, you just have to do alot of work trying them and buying them. Also asking professionals will sometimes know a comparable product. I live in Newfoundland Canada and I am sure i saw some Dove facial products somewhere although it may have been awhile ago but if I see some I will e-mail you and can send them to you. I completely understand this issue.

    • The Unconventional Geek The Unconventional Geek says:

      Hi Patti!

      Thank you so much! Yeah, it wasn’t just one product from them, it was their entire line. I’ve found some other combinations of products that seem to be working pretty well but nothing will top Dove. I would very much appreciate you shooting me an email if you see any! :)

      Happy Friday!

      • Catherine says:

        Can I ask what you’ve found that works? I only just ran out of Gentle Exfoliating and realized that the half dozen tubes I bought way back when must have been on sale for final clearance.

        • The Unconventional Geek The Unconventional Geek says:

          Hi Catherine!
          I now use Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Daily Scrub (the orange one) for when I work out or have blemishes, then I use Neutrogena Deep Clean ( ) after the scrub or just by itself.

          It doesn’t work as good as Dove (not sure anything ever will) but I’ve found it to be a good solution. Good luck!

  23. Catherine says:

    Wow I cannot believe this! I am currently out of the US in Australia, and guess what… They have Dove facewashes here!! how could they possibly sell enough here to keep the line but not in the US?? also, they just put out a foaming makeup remover here that is amazing! I am disappointed I won’t be able to buy it when I get home… WRF Dove?!? D:<

  24. mary says:

    I too loved the gently exfoliating face wash. Over the past year I have tried every brand I can find – many of them just plain smell awful. I just threw away a full tube of Neutrogena pore scrub because I couldn’t deal with the scent along with a bottle of Olay total effects – orange scented gel-like – yuck. I also just bought 3 tubes of dove through amazon and paid an OUTRAGEOUS price – but glad I did. I figure I have spent more on other products and thrown them away.

    If we can somehow join to convince Dove to reinstate their face line I would be happy to join the fray.

  25. Tammy (from NE Atlanta) says:

    August 11, 2012

    I feel your pain. I discovered these wonderful Dove brand, DRY, must add water, facial cleansing cloths in 2008 before going on a 2-3 month visit to Scotland. They were absolutely perfect to carry on the plane in my backpack. No worries about the limit of moist items on the plane. I used them to wash my face and freshen up in each of the airports after not sleeping for 2 days and they made me feel so refreshed and made my face look rested despite my lack of sleep.

    I’m leaving for another adventure but this time in Peru which I thought I’d need them desperately down there with the water situation being bad. I could use my own purified bottled water to wet them and create a lather to clean up in between showers. Dry cloths are perfect for carry-on on the plane. No muss, no fuss. I started looking for them again last year unaware they had been discontinued. I couldn’t remember the name at first but I thought it was a Dove product and since I didn’t see any other dry products 4 years ago, I know it was Dove. I am so disappointed right now because all I can find are moist facial towels or make up remover towelettes and that defeats my purpose. This is the 3rd item that I loved that has been discontinued.

    Btw, I did find the Dove dry, must add water to lather, facial wipes on Amazon but I can’t afford them. Here’s the link:

    They are selling for $99 for 30 of them!!!! That’s robbery! I did pay $30 (cheapest price online) for my discontinued Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion with SPF20 and Active Copper. It did sell for $12.95 before being discontinued. I wanted to buy 2 bottles but I’m on a fixed low income so I will have to make do until it runs out and hope there’s something comparable to use. I did buy another Neutrogena product and although it’s good, it’s not the same. It lacks the copper. :(

    Does anyone know of any other facial wipes that are dry? I’d like to find something, almost anything, as long as it’s dry and will lather up when water is added. This works so well on a plane, in an airport, or even out camping. Of course, it needs to be gentle for sensitive skin and forget all that “cooling effect”. We can do without that in certain areas when being used to tidy up our other body parts if you kow what I mean. LOL! ***IF I can’t find something comparable, I may be forced to create my own dry facial sheet using good thick paper towels/cloths from Dollar Tree, Dove moisture body wash, combine the two and let them dry, then pack them in a plastic zipper bag ready for use. I don’t want to go to this trouble. Too bad we can’t start a campaign to convince Dove to reopen that product line again. I know they would make money on it.

    Again, does anyone know of a half way decent alternative? I don’t believe I eever saw any others besides Dove that were dry to start out with. Please email me with the subject line “Dove Dry Facial Towels Info” if you have any info or alternatives.

    Btw, In the 1990′s, Wisk developed a Pre Wash laundry treatment that was the BEST thing EVER!!! It got chocolate milk stain out of a white shirt that had been bleached several times in a failed attempt to get clean. One Wisk Pre-treatment, a little scrubbing with a toothbrush, and threw it in a full wash, and it finished, it was totally WHITE ALL OVER AGAIN! I had used a sample pack that came in the mail so I decided to go out and buy a full bottle. To my disappointment, when I did go out to the store, I discovered Wisk had been taken off the market. There were lots of people upset about that too. I think companies get poor management in who make stupid decisions when they keep the products that people want very badly and purchase… products that would sell if a customer had the opportunity! It’s awful to see poor management get rid of the premium products.

    I think we need to do what everybody else is doing… buy up everything that people want to buy but which has been discontinued and make a good profit for ourselves. Even doing that, I wouldn’t feel right being a pirate and charging $99 for what may have cost me $6 (definitely under $10). That may be considered free enterprise or whatever but it makes me a little sick at my stomach to see someone hoard for the price of a king’s ransom!

    Thanks for sharing your story AND for listening to my long drawn out disappointment..

    Have a nice day and thanks for any ideas you’ve got to spare.

    Tammy near Atlanta :-)

    • The Unconventional Geek The Unconventional Geek says:

      Hi Tammy :)

      I’ve never tried the dry ones but $99 is definitely highway robbery! I’m now using Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Daily Scrub (the orange one) for when I work out or have blemishes, then I use Neutrogena Deep Clean ( ) after the scrub or just by itself.

      I know it’s not the dry solution but if I see or hear of any, I’ll be sure to let you know.

      All the best,

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